Residing in La Coruna, Spain, and boasting a whopping net worth of $56.7 billion, Amancio Ortega, the wizard behind Zara has not only dressed the world but played Monopoly with real estate too!

Ortega is the brains behind Inditex, the proud parent of Zara and other chic brands. His empire once made him the 5th richest globally, but in 2021, he faced a huge loss of almost $20 billion, a real rollercoaster for his wealth.

Known for his fast-fashion game, Ortega owns about 60% of Inditex, a Madrid-listed fashion giant with brands like Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear strutting the global stage. He’s not just minting money; he typically enjoys dividends of over $400 million a year.

Starting in the textile game in 1963, Ortega’s journey into fashion folklore began in 1975 when he and his ex-wife Rosalia Mera opened the first Zara store. Apparently “Zara” wasn’t his first name choice – he wanted “Zorba” but ran into a local bar with the same name.

Beyond fashion, Ortega dabbles in telecoms and natural gas, proving he’s not a man with multiple interests. His real estate escapades are like a shopping spree on steroids – from Madrid to New York, Miami to London, he’s got properties sprinkled like confetti.

The 87-year-old owns skyscrapers, blocks, and hotels across major cities. In 2019 alone, he splurged over a billion on properties in Chicago, Washington D.C., and Seattle, proving he’s the king of commercial real estate.

When the world fought the pandemic, Ortega didn’t just sit on his billions. He splashed $68 million to buy ventilators, masks, and COVID tests. Talk about a stylish response!

And if that’s not enough, in August 2023, Ortega decided he needed a Chicago tower to complete his collection – spending a cool $232 million.

Despite four decades in the fashion limelight, he’s a mystery man, granting interviews like he’s handing out golden tickets – only three so far!

From dressing the world to conquering real estate, Amancio Ortega is the big businessman who turns every trial into a style statement!

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