Bree Olson: Adult movie career, Personal Life, and Net worth in 2024

Bree Olson


Many people know Bree Olson to be a former American adult movie actress, but not everyone knows her story from scratch to the star she has become. She is a beautiful lady with a humble beginning from Texas before her rise to fame. Bree’s journey can be termed as one of hard work and perseverance.

There is more than meets the eye in the life of Bree Olson, so, in this article, we will be explicit on her former and present career, her personal life, and her Net worth as well. Come along, get your popcorn, and get ready to journey down the article.

Bree Olson’s Background

Bree Olson, whose original name is Rachel Marie Oberlin was born on the 7th of October, 1986 in Houston, Texas. Her father left when she was pretty young, so she was given birth to and raised by her single mother, Cheryl Oberlin, who was a nurse. She also had a Grandmother who was a former victim of the Holocaust that happened in Ukraine. Her mother who suffered from a mental illness called schizophrenia eventually remarried and then she had a stepfather and sister.

Her childhood happened to be a complicated one, as she was a victim of both poverty and abusive molestations. At age eleven, Bree went to a juvenile correctional center and remained there till she was 18. After that, she got her general education development (GED) certificate and then pursued academics a little bit at Purdue University. After she studied Pre-med Biology for two years, she dropped out because it was becoming too overbearing for her. That was her only Educational background before she started her adult movie career.

Bree Olson’s Career

Bree Olson started her adult movie career in the year 2006, and she has performed in over 460 X-rated movies. Her cute face and petite body size gave her leverage and an upper hand in the pornography industry.

After her retirement in 2011, she got into other things like modeling, acting in normal movies, doing charitable deeds, and writing a few books.

Bree Olson’s Rise to fame

Bree Olson started this career because she was desperate for money, and she rose to fame in 2007 when she signed a contract with the Adam and Eve productions for three years and was also named ‘Twistys Treat’ in June.

Bree Olson’s Adult Movie Journey

Aside from the Adam and Eve productions she worked for, she also signed contracts and worked with other productions like Elegant Angel, Red Light District Video, and Digital Playground, where she performed in various X-rated movies.

In March, year 2008, she was named the ‘Pet of the Month’ and was the cover in 2011 for the Penthouse.

In March 2008, she became the cover for the UK edition of ‘Hustler’. In 2011, she appeared on the cover of ‘Playboy’ and was also featured in some other men’s magazines like “Club,” “Rockstar” “Barely Legal” and many others. In 2010, she ranked in the top 12 female star porn.

Bree Olson’s transition to another career

This is one of the most wanted parts of Bree Olson’s life, as people want to know if she was able to succeed in other things aside from pornography. Even though her transition into another career was a difficult one, Bree has been very intentional about her growth and development.

After she left the Adult movie career at age 25, the stigma didn’t leave her, as she couldn’t work in certain places of her dreams like Disney or Family Network.

Bree was able to venture into modeling and acting, as she featured in a few movies like the Purgatory Comics of 2009, which is an independent comedy film, and the Human Centipede 3, where she co-starred in the horror film. She also appeared in the Final Sequence movie of

2015, the Director’s Cut in 2016, a movie by Penn Jillette and Adam Rifkin, She played Divatox in the Power/Rangers of 2015 and also a series of videos of Funny or Die, for Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s website.

Bree Olson Surviving Public Perceptions and Challenges

Navigating through public perception has been a significant aspect of Bree Olson’s post-adult industry life. She had to deal with stereotypes and misconceptions by people, thereby facing challenges in reshaping her public image. She was able to achieve this by going through transparent activism and embracing a diverse range of projects.

Bree Olson’s Memoir and Book Release

Bree Olson’s Memoir and Book Release In a bold move, Bree Olson decided to share her experiences, challenges, and triumphs through a memoir. The book not only provides readers with a glimpse into her life while in the adult film industry, but it also explores her journey and beyond it. The memoir’s release marked a turning point in Bree’s life.

Bree Olson’s Awards and nominations

Bree Olson received these awards while she was still in the adult movie industry. Her numerous awards reflect the talent, impact, and dedication she put into the adult film industry.

In 2007, Bree Olson received the NightMoves Award for Best New Starlet (Editor’s Choice), in the following year, she was honored with the AVN Award for Best New Starlet and the XBIZ Award for New Starlet of the Year.

Bree’s skills were further acknowledged with the AVN Award for Best Anal Sex Scene (Video) in 2008, for her remarkable performance in “Big Wet Asses 10” alongside Brandon Iron. She also received the Adam Film World Guide Award for Starlet of the Year and the XRCO Award for New Starlet and Cream Dream.

In 2008, Bree Olson won the F.A.M.E. Award for Favorite Female Rookie and the NightMoves Award for Best Female Performer (Fan’s Choice).

Bree Olson was honored with the AVN Award for Best New Web Starlet in 2009 for her website, Additionally, she received the Twistys Treat of the Year award in 2009 and the AEBN VOD Award for Performer of the Year in 2010.

Bree’s talent and impact were recognized once again in 2010 with the AVN Award for Best All-Girl Three-Way Sex Scene for her outstanding performance in “The 8th Day” alongside Poppy Morgan and Tori Black. In 2011, she received the NightMoves Award for Best Social Media Star (Editor’s Choice) and the XRCO Award for Mainstream Adult Media Favorite in 2012.

She won an AVN Award for Best New Starlet in 2008 and went on to win a second AVN Award for Best New Web Starlet the following year, in which she also won the title of Miss FreeOnes.

and retired from the adult entertainment industry in 2011 at age 25.

Bree Olson’s Personal Life

Bree Olson claims to have an interest in music and loves the rock genre in particular.

In 2011, she lived for a while with Charlie Sheen as his girlfriend but broke up with him in that same year. Afterwards, she got married to a lady called Kayla, and then in 2021, they divorced. Ever since then, Bree has identified herself as a Lesbian.

Bree Olson’s Net Worth

As of February 2024, Bree Olson is worth about $ 1 million and its source can be traced to her adult movie career.


Bree Olson’s journey from the adult film industry to her current pursuits is a tale of transformation, resilience, and continuous growth. Her impact on the industry’s conversation, dedication to activism, and insights into personal development demonstrate the complexity of her narrative. As Bree Olson navigates the ever-changing landscape of her life, her story remains an inspiring testament to the possibilities of reinvention and the pursuit of a fulfilling, purpose-driven existence.

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