Carlos Slim Helú, the conjurer of wealth, whose empire stretches from mobile telecom to chocolates, boasting a jaw-dropping net worth of $93 billion is among the richest men in the world.

At 82, Carlos Slim Helu rules the financial arena, with 57% ownership of América Móvil, Latin America’s colossal mobile telecom giant. But his journey wasn’t always high stakes. Slim began recording his 5-peso allowance in a ledger, setting the stage for financial genius at 13 years.

From teaching algebra at UNAM to diving into business, Slim’s brilliance emerged. In the ’80s crisis, while others fled, he acquired Reynolds Aluminum, General Tire, and Sanborn’s. His secret? He bought smartly and fixed things up carefully.

The real game-changer arrived in 1990 when Carlos Slim, with foreign allies, snatched up Telmex, Mexico’s phone giant. He revolutionized cellular services with prepaid plans, triggering a 66% annual customer surge for 15 years.

Slim’s conglomerate, Grupo Carso, became a $150 billion powerhouse, with diverse ventures from construction to tobacco. The pinnacle moment? Slim’s América Móvil reigning as Latin America’s wireless giant.

Beyond business, Slim’s philanthropy blossomed. The Carso Foundation uplifts education, while the Soumaya Museum showcases Slim’s extensive art collection. A force in charitable endeavors, he donates to restore Mexico City’s downtown and promotes education.

Yet, challenges arose. Political shifts threatened América Móvil’s dominance, leading to a $17 billion dent in its value. Slim, unfazed, strategically sold assets, securing an $8.6 billion windfall.

In 2017, Slim surprised with plans for “Nuestra Vision,” a U.S. network spotlighting Mexican content. The story doesn’t end there. As of March 2023, Forbes crowned Slim with a $93 billion net worth.

Carlos Slim, from a 5-peso ledger to global financial triumph, proves that with genius moves, even the wildest dreams can materialize.

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