Kevin Bacon’s Net Worth

Kevin Bacon

Age: 73 years old

Nationality: American

Net Worth: $45 million

Date of Birth: July 8, 1958

Source of Wealth: Professional Actor, Musician

Gender: Male

Height:5’10” (1.78m)


Kevin Bacon, an American actor, musician, and producer, achieved stardom through iconic films like “Footloose,” “A Few Good Men,” “Apollo 13,” “Mystic River,” and “The Woodsman.”

His diverse career extends to successful TV shows, including “The Following” and “City on a Hill,” earning Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

Kevin Bacon Facts

  • Kevin Bacon worked with director Oliver Stone on the popular 1991 film “JFK.”
  • He also participated in successful stage productions, like the Broadway revival of “An Almost Holy Picture” in 2002.
  • In 1987, Bacon was featured in the music video “She’s Like the Wind” from the movie “Dirty Dancing.”
  • In 2008, Bacon and Sedgwick experienced significant financial losses due to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.
  • In 2007, Bacon initiated the Six Degrees game to support different charitable causes.

Early Life

Born on July 8, 1958, in Philadelphia, Kevin Bacon, the eldest of six, hailed from a family valuing education and creativity.

His parents, Edmund Bacon and Ruth Hilda Holmes, played significant roles in his upbringing.

Kevin Bacon’s early interest in arts led him to the Circle in the Square Theater School and later the BFA Acting Program at Lehman College in NYC.

Career Beginnings

Bacon’s career soared in the 1980s with “Footloose,” solidifying his status as a Hollywood lead.

Noteworthy films like “A Few Good Men” and “Apollo 13” marked pivotal moments, earning critical acclaim and box office success.

In 2004, “The Woodsman” showcased Kevin Bacon’s versatility, earning acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival.

His career saw a resurgence with the Fox series “The Following” (2013-2015), earning him a Golden Globe.

Musical Career

Kevin Bacon is also part of The Bacon Brothers, a band exploring a mix of folk, rock, soul, and country music for over three decades.

Their diverse sound, termed “forosoco,” has taken them worldwide, headlining gigs in Japan and performing at iconic venues like Carnegie Hall.

Their twelfth release, “Ballad Of The Brothers,” showcases the musical talents of Kevin and his brother Michael Bacon, an Emmy-winning composer.

The superstar, Kevin Bacon, is still very much in the movie business as of 2023. He has appeared in movies such as The Toxic Avenger, and Leave the World Behind and is to star in an upcoming horror-action series, The Bondsman, for Amazon.

Kevin Bacon’s career spans over three decades and remains an influential figure in the entertainment industry, celebrated for his artistic contributions.

Net Worth

His career earnings reflect his persistence, starting with a lead role in “Footloose.” Annual estimates show a consistent rise: $3M (2017), $3.1M (2018), $2.9M (2019), $2.5M (2020), $2.8M (2021), and $3M (2022).

As of January 2024, Kevin Bacon’s estimated net worth stands at a substantial $45 million. His collaboration with director Oliver Stone in films like “JFK” highlights his cinematic journey.

Kevin Bacon’s net worth continued to grow: $35M (2017), $38.8M (2018), $40M (2019), $41.2M (2020), $42.7M (2021), and $45M (2022-2023).

Personal Life

Married to actress Kyra Sedgwick since 1988, Kevin Bacon and Sedgwick faced brief scrutiny over a charity issue in the early 1990s.

The couple, whose marriage has stood the test of time, have two children, Travis and Sosie.

Awards and Recognitions

Kevin Bacon’s notable recognitions include a Golden Globe for “The Following,” an Emmy for “Taking Chance” (2009), a Hollywood Walk of Fame star (2003), and the National Board of Review’s Best Supporting Actor Award for “JFK” (1991).

Kevin Bacon Career Highlights

Kevin Bacon is recognized for his versatility, effortlessly transitioning between comedic and dramatic roles in Hollywood.

While primarily focused on films, he reluctantly explored television roles influenced by his wife’s success.

Key highlights of Kevin Bacon’s career

  • Starring in the 1984 hit film “Footloose.”
  • Acclaimed performance in “Apollo 13” (1995).
  • Winning a Golden Globe for the Fox series “The Following” (2013-2015).

He earned an Emmy nomination in 2009 for his role in the HBO film “Taking Chance” and starred in the successful crime drama “City on a Hill” from 2019 to 2021.


Beyond Hollywood, Kevin Bacon is an active philanthropist, creating the Six Degrees game in 2007 for charitable causes.

His involvement in “City on a Hill” (2019-2021) showcased his continued impact on both TV and film.

Lifestyle and Properties

Living a low-key life, Bacon owns properties, including a $2.5M house in Los Feliz, a 40-acre rural property in Connecticut, and a NYC condominium.

His love for animals is evident on their Connecticut farm, housing alpacas and goats.

A talented guitarist, Kevin Bacon’s passion for music adds to his multifaceted persona.

Favourite Kevin Bacon Quotes

  • “I think the most important thing for an actor is to be able to transform yourself and to be able to lose yourself in a character.” – Kevin Bacon
  • “I think that people who are famous tend to be under-educated about the world in general.” – Kevin Bacon
  • “I’ve never been a method actor. I don’t stay in character when the cameras aren’t rolling.” – Kevin Bacon
  • “I believe that the most important thing an actor can do is to be himself.” – Kevin Bacon
  • “I don’t think of myself as a movie star, I think of myself as an actor.” – Kevin Bacon

3 Lessons from Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon, known for his down-to-earth approach to acting, imparts valuable lessons:

1.   Versatility Matters

Bacon’s ability to portray a wide range of characters, from comedy to drama, showcases the importance of versatility in the entertainment industry.

This skill has allowed him to take on diverse roles, making each character distinct from the last.

2.   Work Hard, Hone Skills

Renowned for his commitment to acting, Bacon’s dedication and hard work contribute to his success.

His meticulous preparation and attention to detail in every role highlight the significance of continuous effort in honing one’s craft.

3.   Philanthropy Counts

Beyond his acting career, Bacon actively supports charities focused on combating child abuse and promoting animal welfare.

His involvement underscores the impact celebrities can make by using their fame to contribute positively to societal issues.


Kevin Bacon, born July 8, 1958, in Philadelphia, is a prominent American actor, musician, and producer.

Renowned for his roles in films like “Footloose” and “Apollo 13,” Kevin Bacon has also excelled in television with shows like “The Following.”

His net worth, estimated at $45 million in December 2023, reflects his successful career. Collaborating with Oliver Stone and earning accolades for roles in stage productions, Kevin Bacon is a Hollywood success.

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