Larry Holmes Net Worth

Larry Holmes

Age: 74 years old

Nationality: American Net Worth: $18 million

Date of Birth: November 3, 1949

Source of Wealth: Professional Boxer Gender: Male

Height:6’3” (1.91m)


Meet Larry Holmes, the legendary “Easton Assassin,” a retired boxing champ whose net worth is an estimated $18 million.

In the ring, he threw down with heavyweight giants like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, going toe-to-toe in epic battles. Beyond the boxing gloves, Larry Holmes sparred regularly with Ali and Frazier.

Hailed as one of the all-time heavyweight greats, Holmes didn’t hang up his gloves without making moves outside the ring.

Post-retirement, he became a knockout investor, throwing support behind numerous local businesses, and creating a job bonanza with over 200 opportunities.

As of January 2024, Larry Holmes is still standing tall with an estimated net worth of $18 million. Talk about a champion’s legacy!

Check out these Larry Holmes highlights:

  • Larry Holmes kicked off his boxing journey in 1978, adopting an orthodox stance that became his signature throughout his career.
  • The heavyweight scene saw a groundbreaking shift in 1978 when he conquered Norton, securing the WBC Heavyweight Championship belt in a memorable clash at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.
  • In a historic moment in October 1980, Larry Holmes handed Muhammad Ali the only stoppage defeat of Ali’s illustrious career.
  • In 1981, Holmes took down the likes of Trevor Berbick, Leon Spinks, and Renaldo Snipes, all in a single year.
  • The IBF Title defense in 1984 was a thriller, with Larry Holmes going the distance to defeat James “Bonecrusher” Smith in a gripping twelfth round.

Early Days of Larry Holmes

Born on November 3, 1949, in Easton, Pennsylvania, Larry Holmes emerged as the fourth of 12 children to John and Flossie Holmes.

With his father working as a gardener in Connecticut and returning home every three weeks, Larry faced the challenges of a large family.

To support his kin, he took a detour from school, dropping out in the seventh grade to hustle at a car wash, earning a meager $1 per hour. Driving a dump truck became part of his grind to make ends meet.

Surprisingly, Larry’s entry into the boxing ring happened at 18. Over the next five years, he notched up an amateur record of 19 wins and 3 losses.

At 24, he took the plunge into professional boxing, defeating Rodell Dupree in four rounds and becoming the sparring partner for legends like Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Jimmy Young, and Earnie Shavers.

Despite a late start, Larry’s confidence soared after holding his own against heavyweights.

An important moment came in March 1978 when he faced Earnie Shavers and secured victory in a twelve-round bout with a unanimous decision.

This triumph paved the way for a showdown against World Boxing Council Heavyweight champion Ken Norton on June 9 in Las Vegas.

The grueling 14-round battle saw even scores through seven rounds, but Holmes rallied back in the final round, clinching victory and solidifying his position as a genuine heavyweight contender.

Larry Holmes’ Career

In the boxing ring, Larry Holmes owned the titles of WBC Heavyweight Champion (1978-1983), Ring Heavyweight Champion (1980-1985), and IBF Heavyweight Champion (1983-1985).

His 20 successful title defenses made him the second most successful athlete in boxing, surpassing Joe Louis with his 25 wins.

After a rematch loss to Michael Spinks in 1986, Holmes threw in the towel, but the allure of the ring called him back for several comebacks.

By 2002, he hung up his gloves with a record of 69 wins and 6 losses, including 44 Knockouts.

In a legendary bout against Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes took home nearly $8 million, marking Ali’s only career stoppage.

Even in his “retirement,” he couldn’t resist the ring’s siren call. Don King persuaded him to face Mike Tyson in 1988, with a tempting $2.8 million promise.

Holmes pocketed a cool $7 million for a victorious match against Evander Holyfield in 1992.

A slated showdown with George Foreman in 1998 got delayed, but the non-refundable 10% of each fighter’s prize was theirs to keep, adding $400,000 to Holmes’ total earnings.

Larry Holmes Career Earnings

Larry Holmes, the man of the ring, made a name for himself over more than three decades, trading blows with the best in the business.

Estimating his current annual income post-retirement is challenging, similar to avoiding a heavyweight’s left hook. His business moves are kept as private as a boxer’s strategy.

What we can spill, though, is that Larry didn’t just throw his winnings into the wind. He invested smartly, throwing punches in the business world that created jobs for over 200 folks back in his hometown.

Net Worth

Curious about boxer Larry Holmes’ net worth? Since hanging up his gloves in 1998 and returning to Easton, Larry Holmes’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $18 million.

The exact figures? Well, that’s private, with Larry keeping his financial cards close to his chest.

Larry Holmes’s Personal Life

In 1979, Larry Holmes entered the world of marriage with Diane Robinson, having two kids in their union. Add three more daughters from previous marriages, and you’ve got a complete family lineup.

Meet Mark Holmes, Larry’s younger brother, who boxed as a middleweight from 1980 to 1987.

Now, Larry and his wife are residing in a nice home on Sheridan Drive, Palmer Township, Pennsylvania – a home valued at over $1.7 million.

For the latest updates on Larry’s life, check out his official Instagram account and see what’s happening.

Awards and Achievements

Larry Holmes wasn’t just a heavyweight – he owned every major title belt in the game, defending them against the toughest fighters of his era.

In the boxing history archives, few can match the skill and raw power Larry Holmes brought to the ring.

Let’s highlight some key moments:

  • In ’98, he faced the formidable Mike Tyson and, for the first and only time, got knocked out in his career.
  • The boxing gods honored him in 2008, inducting Larry Holmes into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.
  • Easton, Pennsylvania pays tribute to Larry Holmes Drive, a street named in his honor.
  • Back in December ’79, Larry bagged the Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Men trophy.
  • In 1983, the International Boxing Federation hailed him as the heavyweight champ of the world.

Larry wasn’t just about the belts; he was about that payday. Taking risks, he opted to fight Marvis Frazier for more money, choosing the sweet sound of cash over defending his WBC Heavyweight title.

Larry Holmes’s Spending Habits

Larry Holmes, after hanging up his gloves, headed back to Easton, his hometown, where he’s set up a cozy home for himself and his family.

Riding the financial success from his boxing career, he’s put his winnings into a diverse portfolio of businesses.

Some of his business include; a $5 million office building, a $2 million restaurant, an $8 million hotel, a happening nightclub, and casino machines.

Larry Holmes isn’t just taking care of himself; he’s provided job opportunities for over 200 people in his hometown, giving them a chance for meaningful employment.

Adding to his post-boxing hustle, he’s co-hosting the TV chat show “What the Heck Were They Thinking?”.

Larry Holmes is still in the ring, just now it’s with business and broadcasting.


Old-school champs like Larry Holmes threw down in a different league, going toe-to-toe with two or even three top-notch opponents in a single year.

After more than 30 years in the ring, Larry felt it was time for the final bell to ring on his fighting days.

Let’s rewind and hit the highlights of Larry Holmes’ career:

  • Knocking out Alfredo Evangelista and Ossie Ocasio in 1978 and 1979 for his first two title defenses.
  • In 1979, taking down Mike Weaver, the future WBA Heavyweight Champion.
  • Shedding tears of victory after beating Muhammed Ali in 1980.
  • Putting Gerry Cooney, the top contender, on the canvas in 1982.
  • 1992 saw him outpointing Ray Mercer, the undefeated Olympic Gold Medalist, after 12 hard-hitting rounds.

After securing four consecutive victories, Larry decided to call it quits, realizing that age was catching up and it was time to avoid taking serious hits before facing a knockout in the ring.

Favorite Larry Holmes Quotes

Larry Holmes, from humble beginnings to wealth, stayed true to himself. Money never altered him; he was always keen on uplifting folks in his hometown.

Here are some standout quotes from Larry Holmes:

  • “I came from a dirt farm, now I’m filthy rich. ” – Larry Holmes
  • “Set a goal and commit to meet that goal. Do the best you can, but never forget your roots, never forget where you came from. ” – Larry Holmes
  • “My dad used to tell me, check the price, kids, check the price because there is a price to be paid for whatever you do in life, whether it is good or it is bad.” – Larry Holmes
  • “All fighters are prostitutes and all promoters are pimps.” – Larry Holmes
  • ” People think that I reached the top overnight; well, it took me fourteen years. I was twenty-nine before I made it.” – Larry Holmes

3 Amazing Lessons from Larry Holmes

Larry Holmes emerged from a tough, impoverished background, where hardship was a familiar companion.

Guided by his dad’s wisdom, Larry learned the value of hard work and the importance of weighing options before making a move.

Now, delving into Larry Holmes’ net worth, let’s uncover some key success lessons:

1.   Work Hard

Larry’s journey was no cakewalk, and from a young age, he pitched in to support his family.

He swears by the mantra that hard work is the real deal when it comes to achieving your goals.

2.   Set Goals

Setting goals is crucial, and Larry emphasizes making strides to accomplish them.

Furthermore, once you’ve tasted success, it’s vital to look back and extend a helping hand to others aiming for similar achievements.

3.   Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

Larry always questioned himself about the price he was willing to pay before diving into something.

This resonates with the idea that before taking any action, one must consider whether the effort is worth the price to attain what you desire.


Larry Holmes stands tall among the boxing greats, conquering legends like Muhammad Ali, Marvis Frazier, Earnie Shavers, and Mike Weaver.

What sets him apart? Larry boasts the longest individual heavyweight title-winning streak in modern boxing.

In the ring, he’s in an exclusive club – one of only five to ever defeat the legendary Muhammad Ali.

With a career spanning three decades, Larry hung up his gloves in the early 2000s, leaving behind a record of 69 victories and 6 defeats.

As of January 2024, Larry Holmes’ net worth packs a punch at an estimated $18 million.

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