Monica Seles’ Net Worth

Monica Seles

Age: 33 Years Old Nationality: Danish Net Worth: $50 Million

Date of Birth: July 11, 1990

Source of Wealth: Professional Tennis Player Gender: Female

Height: 5’10” (1.79m)


Monica Seles, once a top-ranked professional tennis player, retired in 2008 after making a significant amount of money from her career.

Even though she’s no longer active in tennis, Seles still earns income as a spokesperson for Shire Pharmaceuticals.

As of February 2024, Monica Seles’ net worth is estimated to be $50 Million.

Monica Seles Facts

  • Monica Seles started playing tennis at the age of five in 1978.
  • At just 11 years old, she won the Junior Orange Bowl tournament in 1985.
  • Seles turned pro at 15 in 1989 and made history by winning the French Open the following year, becoming the youngest player to do so.
  • In 1996, after clinching her fourth Australian Open title, Seles made a special appearance on the sitcom The Nanny.
  • Recognizing her impact on the sport, Time named Seles one of the 30 Legends of Women’s Tennis in 2011.

Monica Seles Early Life

Monica Seles was born on December 2, 1973, in Novi Sad, Serbia. Her family, of Hungarian descent, supported her love for tennis. Her dad even coached her at the start.

At just 11, she won the Junior Orange Bowl in Miami, catching the eye of coach Nick Bollettieri. He invited her to train at his academy.

In 1986, Monica and her brother moved to the U.S. to train at Bollettieri’s academy. Under his guidance, she won her first pro tournament as an amateur in 1988.

Monica Seles Career

In 1990, Monica Seles turned pro and kicked off a stunning 36-match winning streak, snagging six tournament titles in a row.

She made history at just 16, bagging her first Grand Slam singles championship at the French Open, beating Steffi Graf.

The following year, Seles continued her dominance, winning the Australian Open, French Open, and US Open. She defended these titles in 1992.

But tragedy struck in 1993 during a match in Germany. A man, obsessed with Graf, stabbed Monica Seles in an attempt to sideline her career for good.

It took Seles over two years to return to the game after the attack. She made a strong comeback, winning tournaments and reclaiming her top-ranking status.

Despite not winning another Grand Slam after 1993, Seles still showcased her talent, defeating top players like Venus Williams and Lindsey Davenport before retiring in 2003.

Monica Seles Career Earnings

Monica Seles has made a name for herself as one of the wealthiest tennis players globally, raking in a significant fortune throughout her career.

While we don’t have precise details on all her career earnings, we do know a few key facts about her financial success.

During her tennis journey, Monica Seles pocketed a whopping $14,891,762 in prize money alone.

Back in the early 90s, Seles struck a lucrative $4 million deal with Fila to sport their tennis gear.

In the 2000s, Seles endorsed Yonex apparel and equipment, although the exact figures remain undisclosed.

In 2009, she added to her earnings by publishing her memoir, “Getting A Grip: On My Body, My Mind, My Self.”

Since 2015, Seles has been cashing in as a paid spokesperson for Shire Pharmaceuticals, promoting their binge eating disorder medication.

With such impressive earnings, Monica Seles’s net worth continues to swell, even years after bidding farewell to professional tennis.

Monica Seles Personal Life

Monica Seles tied the knot with businessman Tom Golisano after they got engaged in 2014. Although Tom has a daughter named Amy from a previous marriage, the couple hasn’t had any children together.

In 2009, Seles shared her journey in her memoir titled “Getting A Grip: On My Body, My Mind, My Self.”

The book delves into her struggles with depression and binge eating disorder following the traumatic stabbing incident and her father’s battle with cancer.

As a result of her experiences, Seles has become a spokesperson for Shire Pharmaceuticals, a company that developed the first FDA-approved drug to treat binge eating disorder.

Monica stays connected with her fans through her official Instagram and Twitter accounts, where she shares updates on tennis and other things that inspire her.

Monica Seles Awards and Achievements

Monica Seles has earned numerous titles and awards throughout her career as a professional tennis player, setting her apart from others in the sport.

While all her accomplishments are impressive, some have had a greater impact on her journey.

Here are some of Monica Seles’ career achievements:

  • In 1990, at just 16 years old, Seles became the youngest-ever French Open champion.
  • The following year, in 1991, she secured three more Grand Slam Singles titles, triumphing at the Australian Open, US Open, and French Open.
  • Seles continued her winning streak in 1992, claiming two more Grand Slam singles titles at the French Open and Australian Open.
  • She clinched her fourth Australian Open victory in 1996.
  • In 2009, Monica Seles was honored with induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

While Monica Seles may not boast the same level of fame as Andre Agassi, her remarkable record of victories speaks volumes about her talent and dedication to the sport.

Monica Seles Spending Habits

Monica Seles gave her fans a glimpse of her lavish lifestyle when she listed her Florida mansion for sale in 2015.

Priced at $1.4 million, her Sarasota estate features a spacious 5,871 sqft living area, highlighted by grand French doors leading to a large pool area.

Located near the Laurel Oak Country Club, the house combines Mediterranean and Classical architectural styles and includes a full-sized tennis court.

Although Monica Seles hasn’t disclosed her current whereabouts, she mentioned downsizing and relocating from the Sarasota area in interviews.

Monica Seles’ Career Highlights

Monica Seles has had numerous unforgettable moments throughout her tennis career, marking significant milestones along the way.

Here are some standout highlights:

  • Monica’s victory at the Junior Orange Bowl tournament in Miami in 1985 caught the attention of renowned coach Nick Bollettieri, who later became her mentor.
  • She made her professional debut in 1988 at the age of 14.
  • In 1989, Monica reached her first Grand Slam semifinal at the French Open, facing off against the then-world No. 1 player, Steffi Graf.
  • Monica made history in 1990 by becoming the youngest-ever winner of the French Open at just 16 years old.
  • From 1991 to 1999, she achieved an impressive streak of 33 consecutive wins at the Australian Open.

These moments have played a significant role in shaping Monica Seles’s career in professional tennis.

Favorite Quotes from Monica Seles

Monica Seles had a challenging but rewarding career, where her determination never wavered.

Her interviews offer valuable lessons and motivation for everyone.

Here are some inspiring quotes from Monica Seles:

  • “People think I must have been so talented at an early age, but I don’t know – was it talent or hard work? Who knows?” – Monica Seles
  • “Since I retired, I very much enjoy watching Serena Williams play. While I was playing, she was one of the toughest players I ever faced.” – Monica Seles
  • “You have to want to play it all day, every day, to get to the top.” – Monica Seles
  • “What I put in the stock market, I don’t have to touch in my lifetime. I want to live off my bonds. I want to be that safe.” – Monica Seles
  • “I did realize more than ever, after the stabbing, that tennis is a business – a tough business.” – Monica Seles

3 Amazing Lessons from Monica Seles

Monica Seles is an inspiring figure, and her remarkable journey offers valuable lessons for achieving success.

Here are some key takeaways from Monica Seles’ career:

1.   Passion and Dedication

Success requires wholehearted dedication. To achieve your goals, you must be passionately committed and willing to give your best effort consistently.

2.   Hard Work Pays Off

Regardless of natural talent, hard work is essential for growth and success. By putting in the effort to refine your skills, you can distinguish yourself and achieve remarkable results.

3.   Smart Investing

Monica Seles demonstrates the importance of wise investment decisions.

Learning to invest wisely can help you grow your wealth effectively, but it’s crucial to educate yourself and utilize the right resources for financial success.


Monica Seles is widely regarded as one of tennis’s finest, leaving a lasting mark on the sport.

Even though she retired in 2008, she remains financially active through investments and partnerships, like her role with Shire Pharmaceuticals.

Stay tuned for any updates on Monica Seles’ wealth.

As of February 2024, her net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Share your thoughts on Monica Seles’ net worth in the comments below.

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